Our Model

We believe the future is very bright for the dental laboratory industry.  However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for individual laboratories to compete due to price pressure, technology cost, higher service demands from clients, and group buyers holding a growing percentage of the market.

ADLG sees this as an opportunity.  As a group of successful, well run laboratories with quality technicians and competent leaders, our laboratories work together to increase efficiencies, share resources, and make each other better.  However, we strongly believe in the power of local service for our clients.  So our model does not include eliminating all local jobs and centralization of all production.  We want every lab we acquire to grow and thrive for the ongoing benefit of the employees who helped build it over the years.
Our labs provide their clients with the individualized service of a small, hometown laboratory, but as part of Apex, they have the resources of a large lab to provide any product or material at highly competitive prices.